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The Blue Moon Election

The 2018 election is a "Blue Moon election." Why a Blue Moon Election?  There are no state wide races at the top of the ticket for President, US Senate or Governor. This doesn't happen very often, hence the "Blue Moon" nickname. However, it is a crucial year and voter turn out will be key to our maintaining the Carolina Comeback and supporting President Trump and MAGA.

Outside money is pouring into NC and Union County from progressives intent on defeating the Republican agenda led by President Trump and turning back the Carolina Comeback made possible by the Republicans in the North Carolina General Assembly.  Groups like Indivisible, Break the Majority, and Flip NC are very active with only two goals - to try and break up the Republican Supermajority in the NC General Assembly AND to elect the first Democrat to Congress from the 9th District in nearly 70 years.  Their strategy is focused on making Nancy Pelosi Speaker and returning North Carolina to the failed policies of the liberals in the North Carolina Democratic Party.

Currently, if Governor Cooper vetoes a good, balanced budget, he can be overridden. We need to maintain our NCGA Super-majority. Vote for the Union GOP candidate in your area, Rep Dean Arp, Rep. Mark Brody, or Rep. Craig Horn for the NC House and Todd Johnson or Sen. Paul Newton for NC Senate. 

We will send Mark Harris to Congress in the 9th District as his Democratic opponent will cave under the thumb of pressure from Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.  The Democratic opponent will have no choice but to vote for Pelosi as speaker if he wants the Committee assignment of his first choice.  He will fall in line with Democratic leadership to vote against the policies of President Trump and try to impeach him.  We must do our part to assure that the US House remains in Republican control and that Pelosi never holds the Speakers gavel. 

We all know how important the Judicial races are.  The progressive agenda has failed the citizens of North Carolina and has failed at the ballot box.  Since the Democrats failed policies caused them to lose elections, they have had no choice but to turn to the progressives on the courts to legislate from the bench.  We must return Barbara Jackson to the North Carolina Supreme Court and Elect Judge Drew Heath, Judge Chuck Kitchen, and Judge Jefferson Griffin.  Each of these candidates has recieved the endorsement  from the NCGOP Executive Committee.

The following pages provide information on the election, the candidates, and links to their individual websites.

We need your help in this election.  Union County Republicans will do our part to send Republicans back to Washington and Raleigh to stand up for our Constitution and conservative principles. Take a few seconds and fill out the volunteer form and let us know how you want to help.