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The Carolina Comeback

Under Democratic control North Carolina was nearly bankrupt.  The Democrats had excessive income tax rates, burdensome regulations, and pursuing a progressive agenda out of alignment with the majority of citizens in North Carolina.

Prior to the Carolina Comeback the NC Democrats in control of the NCGA left the citizens of NC with 5.7B in Debt, NC had the highest corporate tax rate, teacher salaries had been frozen and we were ranked 45th as a State to do business in.

In 2012 the voters rejected the old tired failed policies of the North Carolina Democrats.  The Republicans took control of both Chambers of the NCGA, elected a Rep. Governor and Lt. Governor, Elected our 2nd US Senator, and sent 10 of 13 Republican Congressman to Washington DC.

With Republicans in control in NC great things began to happen.  The Republicans instituted a number of changes in the way NC did business. Republicans lowered taxes with the largest tax cut in NC history.  The Republicans reduced regulations that held back business, eliminated waste and fraud and paid careful attention to the budget. As a result, more businesses came to NC and NC began to recover from the huge debt left by the Democrats. Teachers salaries were unfrozen and teachers began to get raises. More businesses were attracted to NC and NC was named by Forbes as the #1 state in the country to do business.

Once the 5.7B debt was repaid and a Rainy Day Fund was created which was able to help out when Hurricane Matthew devastated coastal NC and then fires ravaged the mountains.  Not only is the Rainy Day Fund good fiscal management, it is also a requirement of the NC Constitution.   Once the debt had been paid off, other priorities could be funded, including raises for teachers and increasing the minimun salary for State Employees.

Roy Cooper wanted to spend that money but not on natural disasters.  Fortunately, he was over ruled. His ideas will set NC back to the tax and spend policies that put NC into debt in the first place.  The Republican supermajorities prevent Gov. Cooper from bringing back the failed policies of the Democratic Party.

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