Fact Checking the Media

What did President Trump really say in Charlottesville?

It's not what the mainstream media want you to think he said.

Let Prager University explain.

==>The Charlottesville Lie


Is President Trump really orange?

No, I've met him in person.  He is not orange, it's something the camera people do to make him look less presidential.

What is the #WalkAway Movement?

People have realized that the Democrat party has drastically changed in the last 10 years and many have decided that the values of the Democrat Party no longer represent them. So, they have left the Democrat party and became part of the #WalkAway movement.

Read more about it here:  #WalkAway

Explaining Democratic Socialism vs Capitalism.

This naturalized citizen gets it.

This video is a bit long but it's fun.

My little walkaway story


The History of the Republican Party and Slavery

The Inconvenient Truth of the Dem Party

President Trump's administration  didn't react quickly to COVID 19? Not true!

Covid 19 Reaction Timeline

Are there black Republicans?

Certainly! In NC, the Frederick Douglas Society is an official affiliate of the Republican party.

Prominent Black Republicans

and Unite America First

See also #Blexit

Did President Trump mock the disabled reporter?

The true story=>