News from the 2018 State Convention

Union GOP,

We had an outstanding convention.  Mark Harris brought down the house with his Candidate Speech.  We also heard from others including Chief Deputy Majority Whip Congressman Patrick McHenry.  NCGOP used a new Registration process that allowed for folks to move quickly through the lines.  More significant was the tedious credentials process was significantly improved.  Voting was conducted using new technology which sped up the tallying process.  Most convention business was able to be completed in the first day.

There was a controversial change to the State Plan of Organization.  The Plan of Organization Committee recommended to the Convention to allow the State Executive Committee to endorse in statewide Judicial Elections where there is no Primary.  Included in this recomendation, is similar language that would allow Union County's Executive Committee to Endorse in the event there were no primaries in a Judicial race impacting our District or Superior Court Judges.  The good news is this will not impact our local Judges, and hopefully the NCGA will put the Primaries back in place during the long session next year.  

At the State Executive Committee, Justice Barbara Jackson, Justice Drew Heath, Justice Jefferson Griffin, and Justice Chuck Kitchen each recieved an endorsement according to the new provisions in the State Plan of Organization.