Election Integrity

In North Carolina, our legislature headed off many of the paths to election fraud that have plagued other states. Nevertheless, we want to make sure we have free, fair and transparent elections. 

What can we do to achieve those goals? We can make sure we have Republicans being part of the election process by either working as part of the election day or early voting staff, and we can have poll observers.   If you are able to work as part of the election day or early voting staff, please contact the Union County Board of Elections and ask for Sharon Jordan. 704-283-3669 You need to have some office skills with a computer and they also need people with a technical background for tech support. These are paying positions. 

Party Judges:

Party Judges need to be nominated by the County Party Chairman. If you think you are able to be a party judge, please contact [email protected]. To be a party judge, you cannot be an elected official or party officer, or have a relative on the ballot. 

What is a Party Judge? We need one at every precinct on Election Day. Typically the Chief Judge is the same political party as the Governor. 


Be part of the Ballot Protection Team:

We will be training people to be Observers. You can sign up here Protect the Ballot Team

What do Observers do and who is eligible? Some of these details apply to Election Day only and not to early voting but we can and must observe early voting as well. 

Changes to the Election laws-

No longer will absentee ballots be accepted after the polls close and photo ID's are required. 

For more details check out this State Law SB 747 here NC SB 747 Bill Summary Election Integrity