Plan of Organization/Precinct Meetings/Conventions

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Union County Republican Party Plan of Organization
MARCH 2022
In accordance with section Article VII, Section B, Subsection 2.a. of the North Carolina Republican Party
State Plan of Organization (State Plan of Organization), the Union County Republican Party adopts this
county Plan of Organization. In all cases the State Plan of Organization shall take precedence over this
I. Consistent with the State Plan of Organization, Article III, County Organization, Section A. - County Executive
A. The County Executive Committee shall consist of the following:
1. Four Elected County Officers (Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer
2. Assistant Treasurer – The Chairman may appoint an Assistant Treasurer. The Assistant Treasure shall
not have signing authority, however, will be responsible for bookkeeping duties and other tasks
delegated by the Treasurer.
3. County Finance Chair (appointed by the Chairman as per Article III, Section A.4.a)
4. The chairman of each organized precinct. In the event that the chairman of the precinct is not present at
a meeting, then the next-highest ranking officer (Vice Chairman, then Secretary) shall be the voting
5. The President of each of the following county Republican Clubs provided they are members of the
State Federated Club. If there is no specific State Organization for that Club, they must present a
written Plan of Organization that does not conflict or contradict the county Plan of Organization:
 Republican Men's Club
 Sweet Union Republican Women's Club
 Republican Forum
 Young Republicans
 Teen Age Republicans (non-voting member)
If the president of a sanctioned club is not present at a meeting, then the next highest-ranking officer
(Vice President, then Secretary, then Treasurer) shall be the voting representative.
6. The immediate past chairman who completed his term will be an ex-officio member, unless he or she
qualifies as one of the above and shall be entitled to vote.
7. All Union County residents that are members of the North Carolina State Republican Party Executive
Committee shall be ex officio members of the Union County Republican Party Executive Committee
and shall be entitled to vote.
8. Five (5) At-Large members who are exclusive of the other Executive Committee members elected to
the County Executive Committee at the County Convention.
No person may have two positions. For example: if one of the elected officers is also a precinct chairman,
then they will serve on the Executive Committee only as an elected officer. The Vice-Chairman of the
precinct will fill the precinct position on the Executive Committee. The hierarchical order in which
Executive Committee membership is determined is as follows: party officers, precinct chairmen, at-large
members and club chairman. No person can serve as a Precinct Chairman and as an At-Large member
B. In order to transact business, a County Executive Committee meeting shall have a quorum of one quarter
(25%) of the County Executive Committee and 2 Party Officers, including either the County Chairman or Vice
Chairman and 1 other Party Officer.
C. Executive Committee Meetings
1. All meetings will be run in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised.
2. The County Executive Committee shall meet once a month on the SECOND Thursday of the month
unless otherwise voted on by the Executive Board and notification of members by social media and
electronic mail (e-mail) at least 10 days prior to the meeting, except for months the annual precinct
meeting and county convention are held – in those months the Executive Committee Meeting maybe
combined with the annual precinct meeting and/or county convention; and the month of the State
Convention – there will be no regular Executive Committee meeting held during the month of the
State Convention. In the month of December, the meeting time and location will be at the discretion of
the Executive Board. The Chairman shall be able to call a special meeting with notification of the
membership at least 48 hours in advance.
D. Duties of Officers,
1. Biennial Budget: The Chairman, in coordination with the Treasurer and other Officers, shall present a
biennial budget for adoption by the Executive Committee no later than June of odd numbered years.
The budget may be amended by the Executive Committee at any point should circumstances dictate.
All expenditures should fall within the budget and should be approved by the County Executive
Committee. Any proposed expenditures that either exceed the budgeted amount or fall outside the
budget, must be approved by 2/3 vote of the Executive Committee, at the next regularly scheduled
Executive Committee meeting that follows the Executive Committee meeting when the motion was
made. Any contribution to a candidate or campaign requires a 2/3 vote of the Executive Committee.
2. The Treasurer shall be bonded for not less than $10,000.00 or any amount greater as decided by the
Executive Committee. He shall pay all just debts contracted by the Executive Committee in a timely
3. The Treasurer and Chairman shall be the signatory powers on the Committee checking account.
Neither Officer is allowed to sign a check made out to himself or herself.
4. The Treasurer shall report monthly to the Committee all receipts and expenditures and provide a bank
statement copy (account number blanked out) to verify his numbers.
5. The Treasurer shall maintain a duplicate copy receipt book. Receipts shall be written for any
contribution or donation received.
6. The Treasurer shall handle all banking transactions. (deposits, check issuance, etc.)
7. All disbursements shall be made from the Party's general fund account in the form of a properly signed
check or debit card.
8. Dual control will be maintained on all cash funds accepted during fund-raising events.
9. The Treasurer (or someone designated by the Treasurer) and at least one other party officer will count
all funds and sign and date a statement of accounting, signifying consent, prior to departing the fundraising event.
10. The Treasurer shall maintain actual receipts submitted for expenses, bank statements, statements of
accounting, copies of NC State and federally mandated Board of Elections reports and any other
financially pertinent document.
11. The Chairman is authorized to spend up to and including $250.00 without consent of the Executive
Committee. The Chairman must, however, report and justify the expenditure at the next regular
meeting of the Executive Committee.
12. The Executive Board (officers and County Finance Chairman) can make decisions on expenditure of
funds up to and including $500.
13. Expenditure of Funds. For all expenditures in excess of $500, a majority vote of the Executive
Committee is needed. Any large campaign expenditures must be detailed and explained at the next
meeting post-election.
14. All Elected Officers of the Executive Board including the Finance Chairman shall take the States
Board of Elections Treasurer’s Course within 30 days after taking Office.
15. All Party financial records will be retained for no less than 3 years unless otherwise mandated by state
or federal requirements.
16. Precinct chairmen are responsible for helping organize their precincts during elections: this includes
getting volunteers to work at polls, party headquarters and any other party activities requested by the
County Chairman.
17. The Secretary shall keep attendance records in the form of a Sign-In sheet, and issue a warning by
electronic mail (e-mail) to any precinct chairman or At-Large members that has missed 2 consecutive
Executive Meetings.
18. Precinct Chairmen and Executive Committee At-Large members are expected to attend the monthly
Executive Committee meeting. Being absent from 3 consecutive Executive Committee Meetings shall
be deemed as resignation from that position.
II. Pursuant to the State Plan of Organization, Article III County Organization: Section B -- County Finance and
Auditing Committees,
Finance Committee. The County Finance Committee shall be composed of the County Finance Chairman,
the County Chairman, the County Vice-Chairman, the County Treasurer, and not less than 3 persons
appointed by the County Chairman. They shall cooperate with the Congressional District and State Finance
Committees and shall have active management of fundraising efforts within the County.
Auditing Committee. The Auditor(s), appointed by the County Chairman (of at least 3 Members, of which
who are not Member(s) of the Executive Board or County Finance Chairman will serve), shall conduct a
yearly audit of the financial records of the County and report such audit to the County Executive
Committee for approval. The audit will be completed the month prior to the Party's annual county
convention. If the NCSBOE conducts an audit within the past year, that will be counted as the yearly audit.
Standing Committees. The following committees may be established:
1. The Communications Committee, with a chairman appointed by the County Chairman, shall be
responsible for all notices, ads, and press releases placed in the local media by the Party, with the
approval of the County Chairman and/or Executive Committee. It shall be responsible for
maintaining the website.
2. Plan of Organization Committee. The Plan of Organization Committee, with a chairman appointed
by the County Chairman, shall be responsible for timely review and revision of the Plan of
Organization as needed.
3. Fundraising Committee. The Fundraising Committee, with a chairman appointed by the County
Chairman, shall be responsible for the planning and execution of Party fundraising events.
4. Events Committee. The Events Committee, with a chairman appointed by the County Chairman,
shall be responsible for a Republican presence at all festivals, fairs, parades, etc. as approved by
the Executive Committee.
III. Pursuant to Article VII -- Conventions: Section A. – Annual Precinct Meetings
Any person desiring to attend the County Convention, and unable to attend the Annual Precinct Meeting
shall, submit a signed Absentee Application for County Convention Delegate (which are on the Party’s
website) by the start of the Annual Precinct Meeting. Members of the press that wish to attend the Union
County Convention will provide the County Chair with a notice of intent to attend no later than 6:00 pm, 3
days prior to the noticed date of the Union County Convention, which may be delivered by e-mail to the
County Chair. Members of the Press shall present valid Press credentials from a recognized media outlet
indicating the name of the media outlet for which he or she is appearing. The County Chair and/or the
Convention Chair shall have discretion to exclude any member of the Press that disrupts the County
VI. Pursuant the State Plan of Organization, Article X – Amendments, Applicability and Effectiveness of This Plan,
Section B., Applicability, Subsection 2.
 The Union County Republican Party establishes an Executive Board to transact the business of the Party
between County Executive Committee Meetings. The Executive Board will be comprised of the four
officers and the County Finance Chairman.
2022 Plan of Organization Committee Members
Committee Chairman: John Steward
John Blair
Daniel Barry
Allison Powers
David Scholl