Union County Convention Rules



Rules of the Union County Republican Party Convention

March 4, 2023

Statement of Purpose:  It is the purpose of these rules to provide for a fair and open Convention in a manner that facilitates the business of the Convention, respects the rights of all the participants, and encourages full participation of the Union County Republicans.

Delegate identification:  All Delegates shall display identification credentials given to them by the Credentials Committee.

Convention Officers: The officers of the Convention shall be Convention Chairman and Secretary. The Convention Chairman may appoint a Parliamentarian, Sergeant- at-Arms and Assistant Sergeants-at-Arms as necessary. The Convention Chairman has the privilege to recognize candidates and elected officials outside the order of the agenda.

Quorum:  A quorum is twenty-five percent (25%) of those Delegates, registered and attending, as certified by the Credentials Committee and reported to the Convention prior to voting on any matters to come before the Convention. Provided a quorum is present during any vote, the majority shall be determined by those present and voting.

Credentials:  Motions to amend the report of the Credentials Committee may occur only immediately following the presentation of the Credentials Committee report and prior to its adoption. Prior to the adoption of the report of the Credentials Committee, no person shall be seated as a Delegate or Alternate unless duly elected as a Delegate or Alternate at their respective precinct meeting.

Voting:  Votes shall be by voice vote or by a standing vote of Convention Delegates, except for the election of County Party Officers, which shall be by secret ballot. A Delegate casting a vote must be on the floor of the Convention at the time such vote is cast and recorded. A majority of all votes cast shall be necessary for the election of Officers of the Union County Republican Party. In the event that a majority is not received by the nominee receiving the highest number of votes, subsequent balloting shall be conducted; however, only votes cast for the nominees receiving the first and second most votes from the first ballot shall be counted in subsequent voting. In elections for At-Large executive committee members, five At-Large Members shall be elected as required in the Plan of Organization.

County Plan of Organization:  Each year the Delegates to the County Convention shall approve a Union County Plan of Organization. Any proposed amendments may be submitted by the Plan of Organization committee or a Delegate on the day of the Convention, but only if the Convention Delegates pass a motion to consider such amendments by a two- thirds majority.  In all situations, the maker of the motion to amend the Plan of Organization shall provide a printed copy of the amendment to each Delegate attending the Convention.

Nominations:  In the odd numbered years, in accordance with the County Plan of Organization, the Convention Chairman shall ask for nominations. Nominations for County Officers and Members-at Large may be made by Delegates upon recognition by the Convention Chairman. The Convention Chairman shall allocate Nominators no more than five (5) minutes for a nominating speech from the podium.  Delegates making nominations must state their name and precinct of residence. Up to three (3) Delegates may second a nomination from the floor of the Convention upon recognition by the Convention Chairman. They must state their name, precinct of residence and the name and office of the nominee being seconded; there shall be no seconding speeches. Before balloting for election to each office, the Convention Chairman shall allow two (2) minutes for speeches by each nominee in contested races. Candidates shall speak in the order in which they were nominated.

Elections:  County Officers shall be elected in the odd numbered years in the following order: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Members-at-Large and other Officers as defined in the Plan of Organization.

Teller Committee:  In the odd numbered years, the Convention Chairman shall appoint a Teller Committee of at least two (2), to count ballots. Each nominee for an office may name an observer to observe the Teller Committee.

Motions:  The Convention Chairman may require that Motions be furnished in writing to the Convention Chairman before action is taken. Only Delegates may make or debate Motions. No Motion shall be in order unless each maker and each Delegate seconding it, states his or her name and precinct of residence.


Discussion: Only Delegates may participate in discussion. A Delegate must obtain recognition from the Convention Chairman and must stand and state his or her name and precinct of residence prior to speaking. No Delegate shall speak to the Convention longer than one (1) minute at any one time and not more than twice on any motion open for discussion. Speakers shall state whether they are speaking in favor of, or in opposition to the Motion. Speakers shall alternate as to those speaking in favor and those speaking in opposition to the Motion. No Delegate may speak a second time until all others who wish to speak have had an opportunity to do so. No Delegate may be given the floor more than twice on the same question without unanimous consent of the voting body.

Time Keeper:  A time keeper appointed by the Convention Chairman will indicate to each speaker a thirty second warning before the expiration of the allotted time.

Resolutions:  Resolutions and any amendments not included in the report of the Resolutions Committee  may be submitted by a Delegate on the day of the Convention, but only if the Convention Delegates pass a motion to consider the resolution and subsequent amendment by a two-thirds majority.  In all situations, the maker of the resolution shall provide a printed copy of the resolution to each Delegate attending the Convention. All resolutions must have a two-thirds majority to pass.  Resolutions regarding issues sufficiently addressed in the National and State Republican Party Platforms may be ruled out of order as unnecessary.

Order of Conduct:  The Sergeant-at-Arms, with the Convention Chairman’s approval, shall maintain the right to have any disruptive Delegates, Alternates or guests who refuse to adhere to the rules of the convention, removed from the convention floor.

Convention Guests:  Only Delegates and Alternates will be allowed on the floor of the Convention. All guests must remain seated in the section designated for guests.

GOP candidates for local, state and federal offices: The Convention Chairman may allow candidates for public office to address the convention at the appropriate time provided for in the agenda.  The Convention Chairman shall determine a fixed period of time that shall be allocated equally to each Candidate for a given office and Candidates shall refrain from speaking longer than the allocated time.

Parliamentary Authority:  Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised, 12th Edition, shall govern this Convention in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these rules or the County or State Plan of Organization.

Suspension of Rules:  A two-thirds vote is required to suspend, amend or add to these rules after their adoption, except that the rules contained herein, which are drawn from or implement provisions of the County or State Plan of Organization may not be suspended.