An Update from the NCGA June 21, 2018

Great news today from the NCGA.  The House Rules Committee passed the Consitiutional Amendment for Voter ID.  This bill's next stop is the full Chamber and then to the Senate.  Once approved by the NCGA, the Amendment will be placed on the ballot during the fall election.  A great approach - Let the voters decide on Voter ID.  

The following are my comments from the Public Hearing with the Rules Committee:


Good Morning,

Mr. Chairman and members of the committee, I bring you greetings from hot and Sunny Union County. Thank you for the opportunity to address the committee regarding the Voter ID Constitutional Amendment.

An overwhelming majority of North Carolinians believe this is a commonsense approach to assure election integrity. Through a variety of Polls over the past 6 years between 60% and 80% of those responding support this approach. Digging deeper into the results, one see’s that approval of a voter Id crosses gender, political parties and ethnicity.

North Carolina is the last state in the Southeast to not require some form of Voter ID and of only 18 in the country. Our voters deserve the same assurances of election integrity as our neighbors and nearly 38 other states which have moved forward with this commonsense approach.

A Constitutional Amendment allows the voters to decide the manner in which we assure 1 person 1 vote in our electoral process.

The voters of North Carolina have the right to know their voice at the ballot box is not being diluted by fraudulent voter activity.

We face uncertainty around the security and integrity of our voting process and outcome. A Voter ID Constitutional Amendment will allow the voters of North Carolina to decide how to restore and maintain confidence in our election process, procedure, and its outcome.

I thank you all for your time and consideration.