Local Candidates

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NC Senate District 35:

Todd Johnson


NC Senate District 37:

Paul Newton


NC House District 55:

Mark Brody


NC House District 68:

David Willis


NC House District 69:

Dean Arp


NC Superior Court Judge 20B:

Jonathan Perry


NC District Court Judge 20C Seat 1:

Stephen Higdon


NC District  Court Judge 20C Seat 2:


Joseph Williams


NC District Court Judge 20D Seat 1:


Erin Hucks


NC District Court Judge 20D Seat 2:


Matt Smith


Board of Commissioners


Richard Helms

David Wlliams


Union County Board of Education


At Large:

Todd Price

Sarah May


District 2

Matt Helms


District 5

Joe Morreale


Union County Register of Deeds:

Crystal Gilliard