Precinct Meetings 2023

Party leadership, Delegates and Precinct Officers

In odd numbered years, the Republican Party elects leadership at all levels.

In order to be a delegate and eligible to vote for party leadership, you must attend the precinct meeting OR submit an absent form for the precinct meeting in the proper time frame AND be a registered Republican voter at your current home address by Jan 31 of the current year.  

Precinct officers are elected at the Precinct meeting in February.

Precinct chairmen are responsible for helping organize their precincts during elections: this includes getting volunteers to work at polls, party headquarters and any other party activities requested by the County Chairman. Precinct Chairmen and Executive Committee At-Large members are expected to attend the monthly Executive Committee meeting. Being absent from 3 consecutive Executive Committee Meetings shall be deemed as resignation from that position.

County Officers and Executive Committee At-Large members are elected at the County Convention in March.

District Officers are elected in April at the District Convention.

State Party Officers are elected at the NCGOP State Convention in June.