Salute to Troops

Salute to our Troops!




Saturday June 30 the RNC in connection with the 9th District, Union County GOP, and Meck GOP hosted our veterans for a BBQ at Hunter farm.  Thanks to Nancy and Andy for being wonderful hosts.  We had nearly 60 join us.  The BBQ was perfect, and our NCGA members served those who have served us!  We even had a WWII vet with us. Sara Verardo brought everyone up to date on her work with the Independence Fund, and more importantly her work with the Trump Administration on veteran issues.  She continues to fight to improve the VA for those with catastrophic injuries incurred in their service protecting our Nation.

Mark Harris closed out the event thanking the Veterans for their service and firing up the crowd for the coming election.

The most heartfelt moment came over the weekend when we received an email from the daughter of one of the attendees.  It encapsulated what the GOP was striving for with the event.  She writes of her father, a WWII Veteran, "He was diagnosed with dementia several months ago, so I am trying to get him out and about with people to have something to talk about...if he remembers.  In saying that, that's all he has talked about today to me."  She reminded us of her fathers comments at the event after receiving an American Flag, "Thank you for the flag and all that served here today.  Also pray for the men and women that are serving now."  

It was an incredible opportunity to thank and serve those who have sacrificed so much for us to live free.  Thanks to all who made this a wonderful and successful event.